Amy Clancy

Low Tide I
Wood Block
Not for sale
297mm x 420mm

About My Work
This woodblock print is part of a new series of work being produced using worn and splintered parquet recovered from a partially renovated tower house, which overlooks the coastline of Barcelona.

Moving city (and country) three months prior, the process of producing these prints is forging an organic link between the artist’s home in the UK and her new life abroad.

Printed with found materials from her current home in the foothills of Tibidabo, the prints evoke the low tides of the Fylde coast, memories of a sandy family dog, and her daughter’s first time paddling in the sea.

The bowed pieces of inked wood ebb and flow with each press and this movement subtly alters each print, as if recreating familiar scenes at different times of the day or year. The process of capturing the shape shifting landscape is one of exploration and reflection, and it is fitting that this new work, produced in a new home, returns to the one that inspired it.

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