Maggie Thompson

£110 framed
£60 unframed
33cm x 25cm framed

Standing Still
£150 framed
£75 unframed
30cm x 43cm framed

About this Work
‘Milestone’ is part of a body of work created to explore ideas about the very specific temporal space of a journey.
Long familiar journeys can be measured by the passing miles or by less tangible markers, such as particular views with their seasonally changing details.

‘Milestone’ is an ambiguous print, inviting you to consider your own journey milestones.

About this Artist
Maggie’s work explores ideas of space in the widest meaning of the word; liminal space such as where the land meets the sea, heterotopic space which is something ‘other’ and where things are not exactly as they might first appear, the temporal space of unique periods of time such as the pandemic lockdowns, and the infinite space of the mind within the finite limits of the body.

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