Jessica Lolliot

Balance 1 & Balance 2
£60 including stone mount
15cm x 20cm

About This Work
‘Carving’ zinc plates to represent pebbles found on the beaches of Anglesey. I’ve stacked the square plates, giving each stone its own soft frame as it balances on its own hand carved rock.

About The Artist
Jess’ work is inspired by the natural world and currently focuses on stone – the solidity of something created over such epic expanses of time and immense heat, as well as the textures, lines, patterns, and shapes – I want to recreate those marks, bring them into focus. Her images echo her passion for instant photography; by breaking up the frame, asking the viewer to look again and see things differently, contrasting details, zooming out to show scale, place, and landscape.

‘Etching and the intaglio process allows me to connect physically to my plates ‘carving’ the stones out of them.’ Here is a progress photo of one of my many standing stones, I’ve broken them down into small snap shots, to be inserted in a larger landscape.

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