Suzanne Pinder

1970s Roller Skates
Not For Sale
56cm X 38cm

Swimming Costume for a 6 Year Old, 1972.
Soft Ground Etching
Not For Sale
56cm X 38cm

About Me
My family and I have lived in Blackpool for five generations. I grew up by an aircraft factory that brought my family together for work during wartime. This urban environment is in contrast to the wild landscape of the beach and sea at the other end of our road.

Every week I walk this road that my great grandparents walked. In that time it has changed from a dirt path to a dual carriageway. I collect items I can make into pigments, which I use to document on paper the lines and marks we have made, over time, on our environment.

About My work
I am interested in memory and use items I have hoarded to evoke the sights, sounds, smells and textures of childhood. In this way, I hope to tell a personal story about Blackpool and follow a journey through mine and my families past.

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