Mandy Martin

Calm and Free & The Midnight Hour
£230 Framed £160 Unframed each
61cm x 38.5cm unframed
66cm x 43.5cm framed

About the Work
These two prints are from a body of work which evolved as the artist began witnessing the constant flux, in and around her studio and home over the last two years, as various corporate and domestic building works unfolded and interrupted the natural flow of life. In response to seeing the amount of waste being created from this process, the artist repurposed wood which had been left over from the builder pallets.

Using this wood to print, they were surprised and captivated by the evocative imagery that began to emerge, especially the varied marks created by the differences in the original method of cutting the wood. Each plank was rolled with black ink and printed through a relief press onto thin Japanese paper which enabled the subtlest marks to be captured.

The artist views these raw and simple, monochromatic prints to each have their own evocative story to tell and invites the viewer to enjoy their simplicity and contemplate their narrative.

About this Artist
Mandy’s work is inspired by the love and appreciation of the natural environment and deep emotions felt from their connection with it. They are particularly interested in mark-making and how this can convey the immense energy of nature, with this they hope to stir or spark an emotional response, maybe reconnect viewers to a memory or mood from their connection with their own experiences.

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