Natalie Laura Ellen

Irwell Campion
6 Colour Screenprint (edition of 12)
£120 framed £85 unframed
30cm x 50cm framed
28cm x 48cm unframed

About this Work
Walking mindfully through streets, canals and architecture with open eyes, she observed how the urban landscape is confettied with pockets of nature taking hold where they can. A roundabout on the ring road covered in wildflowers, a heron flying over a block of flats, daisies peeping up through cracks in the pavement and kingfishers darting along the Manchester Ship Canal.

About this Artist
Natalie grew up in rural Cheshire, forever exploring with her bug bottle. Moving to Manchester in 2009 made her crave the green space she was used to back home, so she created a small balcony garden, its plants soon attracting bees and butterflies that acted as a reminder of the wildlife that can thrive within the city.

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