Susan Wright

Open Skies
Woodcut Print
530mm x 430mm

Landscape 1
Woodcut Prints
530mm x 430mm

About this Work
Old pieces of wood found in the garden and on walks provided material that could be cut and printed. Cutting simple marks into the wood added to the wood grain and manufacturing marks that it already carried. These directed the development of the landscape-like imagery, creating alternative landscapes influenced by places but not of that place.

About this Artist
Found objects and artefacts direct Susan’s printmaking and by using a range of materials and techniques in her work, she adapts her process to whatever the materials suggest. Many of the objects she uses have been eroded and reshaped by the effects of the environment in which they were found, but they also tell a story about human intervention. These recent woodcut prints, developed during the pandemic, suggest a time of strangeness and upheaval when different actions and routines set the narrative of the day.

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